March for Community Health Centers


CHroniCles is an interactive, multimedia website dedicated to the living history of the community health center movement. Created as a special project by the RCHN Community Health Foundation, the Geiger Gibson Program and the National Association of Community Health Centers, and in consultation with the health center community, CHroniCles is housed at the Geiger Gibson program. 

The site provides community health centers and primary care associations a portal to tell their own stories, showcasing through narratives, photographs, and historic documents their unique histories, ongoing work, and the communities they serve. Today, CHroniCles features materials submitted by hundreds of health center organizations across the country. Together with written and oral histories, data, videos other media developed expressly for the site, the vibrant health center profiles promote an understanding and appreciation of the exceptional role that community health centers play in the American health care system and in advancing health equity.

Through this dynamic, online web-based tapestry, which allows viewers everywhere to pay a virtual visit to every health center in the country, CHroniCles has emerged as a rich and an important resource for scholars, the media, the general public, and health center organizations themselves.